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Collaborative Pre-Nuptial Agreements

While traditionally collaborative divorce is thought of applying to the end of marriage, the collaborative process (or something very similar) can be used to help people begin their marriage.  Collaborative pre-nuptial agreements are the result of open communication and full … Continue reading

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Why Running To Court And Refusing Divorce Mediation Is A Bad Idea

Sometimes negative examples drive home the benefits of collaborative practice the most. At Stephens & Margolin LLP we help clients with both traditional litigation cases and collaborative cases.  As an Oregon lawyer practicing only family law, I frequently borrow from my … Continue reading

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The “Happy Divorce”

Collaborative Divorce as a process for resolving divorce litigation is not what most people think of when they think of divorce. While the process can be difficult and is always emotional for the parties, it can oftern produce a “happy … Continue reading

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Helping your kids through a divorce

One of the benefits of the collaborative divorce process is that it allows the parents to really focus on what is truly best for their children. This is done by looking at the children’s interests and needs and, in some … Continue reading

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