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Daniel Margolin is a founding partner of Stephens & Margolin LLP and a Portland, Oregon native. His practice focuses on all aspects of family law litigation. Dan applies his litigation expertise to provide additional expertise when assisting clients with Family Law Appeals and Collaborative Divorce matters. To find out more or contact Daniel Margolin, visit Stephens & Margolin LLP

The “Happy Divorce”

Collaborative Divorce as a process for resolving divorce litigation is not what most people think of when they think of divorce. While the process can be difficult and is always emotional for the parties, it can oftern produce a “happy … Continue reading

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Helping your kids through a divorce

One of the benefits of the collaborative divorce process is that it allows the parents to really focus on what is truly best for their children. This is done by looking at the children’s interests and needs and, in some … Continue reading

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Daniel Margolin on Collaborative Divorce Practice

Daniel Margolin, a partner at Stephens Margolin P.C.  and a frequent contributor to this blog and the Oregon Divorce Blog, recently co-authored an article for the Oregon State Bar Bulletin titled “Collaborative Practice: An Overview.” The article provides a good overview of … Continue reading

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Surviving the Holidays in the midst of a Divorce

Steve McDonough at The Divorce Collaborative LLC posted an excellent article on how to survivie the holiday season during and after divorce. The entire article can be found here: The holidays can be a very stressful time and they … Continue reading

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The British are celebrating American style Collaborative Divorce

Lord Kerr of Tonaghmore, a justice in the UK’s new Supreme Court, said that there had been an “impressive” expansion in the use of what is called the “collaborative” approach to divorce. In 2003, only four lawyers in England were … Continue reading

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