Daniel Margolin to be main presenter for NBI CLE on Collaborative Divorce

On July 8th from noon to 1:30 pacific time, Daniel Margolin will be the main presenter for the National Business Institutes national teleconference CLE on Collaborative Law in Family Disputes. 

The agenda for the presentation is as follows:

I. Overview of Collaborative Law

 A. Definition of Collaborative Law

B. History of Practice

C. Benefits vs. Litigation

D. Comparison With Mediation

II. Initiating a Collaborative Case

A. Initial Consultation/Client Education

B. Client Retainer Agreement

C. Collaborative Agreement

D. Pleadings

 III. Working a Collaborative Case

A. Information Gathering – Attorney Teleconference

B. Four-Way Meetings

C. Settlement

IV. Collaborative Techniques and Skills

A. Interest Based Negotiations

B. Neutral Experts

C. Tone, Language and Client Control

D. Overcoming Impasse

 V. Getting a Practice Started 

A. Organizing a Local Group

B. Working With Other Professionals

C. Help From Judiciary

About Daniel Margolin

Daniel Margolin is a founding partner of Stephens & Margolin LLP and a Portland, Oregon native. His practice focuses on all aspects of family law litigation. Dan applies his litigation expertise to provide additional expertise when assisting clients with Family Law Appeals and Collaborative Divorce matters. To find out more or contact Daniel Margolin, visit Stephens & Margolin LLP
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