Book Recommendation – Good Karma Divorce

Family court judge Michele Lowrance recently wrote a book titled “The Good Karma Divorce.”  The premise of the book is “The American court system was not built to house or process the violent emotions unleashed by divorce. Attorneys are not trained to reduce the attendant suffering of their divorcing clients and families, and judges have a limited toolkit of remedies. Divorcing couples embark on this frightful journey, believing that the court will deliver justice, and that justice will deliver peace. Most discover somewhere during the process that they are achingly, horribly, alone. This book is the insurance policy against having the kind of divorce you always feared, while showing you how to protect yourself, your children, your finances, your soul, and your psyche.” 

The book is a good introduction into some of the reasons that divorcing spouses are choosing the collaborative process.  Information on the book can be found here:

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