Understanding Tax for divorced and divorcing spouses

One of the most beneficial parts of the collaborative process is the ability of divorcing spouses to figure out and implement the best possible tax strategies for their family now and in the future. This is done by working with the financial neutral and the lawyers to understand the tax implications of the divorce. Many times the lawyers will also work with the family’s CPA. The IRS has provided some helpful publications to assist divorced and divorcing spouses better understand the tax code. A good reference for these publications can be found here: http://jeannehannah.typepad.com/blog_jeanne_hannah_traver/2011/03/irs-resources-for-divorced-and-divorcing-people.html#more.

The lawyers at Stephens & Margolin LLP bring a wealth of technical knowledge to the table in collaborative cases and have a team of professionals they work with to create best outcomes.

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Daniel Margolin is a founding partner of Stephens & Margolin LLP and a Portland, Oregon native. His practice focuses on all aspects of family law litigation. Dan applies his litigation expertise to provide additional expertise when assisting clients with Family Law Appeals and Collaborative Divorce matters. To find out more or contact Daniel Margolin, visit Stephens & Margolin LLP
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