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Daniel Margolin is a founding partner of Stephens & Margolin LLP and a Portland, Oregon native. His practice focuses on all aspects of family law litigation. Dan applies his litigation expertise to provide additional expertise when assisting clients with Family Law Appeals and Collaborative Divorce matters. To find out more or contact Daniel Margolin, visit Stephens & Margolin LLP

How the Economic Downturn is Affecting Divorce Rates

The Washington Post published an article on the fact that estranged spouses are increasingly waiting out the economic downturn before divorcing.  The article can be read here: While I am always in favor of people being able to save … Continue reading

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Expanding Popularity of Collaborative Practice

In a demonstration of the expanding popularity of the collaborative practice model, the lead article in this month’s Oregon State Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution Section newsletter is an article by Forrest Collins, a local collaborative practicioner.  The article is an … Continue reading

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Cost Savings Through Collaborative Divorce

Some practicioners try to sell the Collaborative Process as a cheaper alternative to traditional divorce.  I think that this is unfair to clients and incorrect.  It is absolutely correct that the collaborative process will be cheaper than going to trial … Continue reading

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Breakdown of the Collaborative Process

As an attorney who practices both Collaborative Divorce and traditional litigation I experience both the cause and the effect of the breakdown of the collaborative process. The main reasons that I see for the breakdown of the process is as … Continue reading

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Collaborative Pre-Nuptial Agreements

While traditionally collaborative divorce is thought of applying to the end of marriage, the collaborative process (or something very similar) can be used to help people begin their marriage.  Collaborative pre-nuptial agreements are the result of open communication and full … Continue reading

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