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Approach to Vocational Assessment in Collaborative Divorce Helps Settle Spousal Support

“Many divorcing women are scared to death of becoming bag ladies, and many men are scared to death of becoming indentured servants.” J. Mark Weiss, JD Vocational assessments, when provided by a collaborative career coach help settle spousal support in … Continue reading

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Reasons to Use the Collaborative Process – Privacy

Going through the divorce process through the traditional litigated model opens up a person’s most private financial and social secrets to the public record. Even though legal files are not yet fully available on the internet, anyone can go to … Continue reading

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Is A Collaborative Divorce Faster Than A Regular Divorce?

As a Portland Oregon divorce lawyer trained in both collaborative divorce and litigation, I hear a lot of process questions about which dispute resolution method is faster. The speed at which you can get through either process is fact dependent, … Continue reading

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How Is Collaborative Divorce Different Than Mediation?

In my 17 years of practice I have helped many clients with their Oregon divorces. One of the best developments I have seen is the growth of collaborative divorce, and the increased use of mediation to resolve disputes.  I have … Continue reading

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How Collaborative Family Law Reduces The Hostility Of Divorce

We see Oregonians seeking divorce turn to collaborative divorce for a variety of reasons. For some, they choose the collaborative approach because they want to maintain control of the divorce process instead of leaving the decisions up to a judge. … Continue reading

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