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Avoiding Financial Mistakes in Divorce

The Huffington Post published a thoughtful article on financial mistakes that women make in divorces.  The article can be read here: One of the benfits of collaborative divorce is that the team approach allows for more layers of protection.  … Continue reading

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Uniform Collaborative Law Act

The Uniform Collaborative Law Act was passed by the ULC on July 15th. View the following link for a draft of the act: Hall of Gods online slot review (with image) · joswilliams · Storify – Free Slots

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News: Focusing on Winning a Divorce a Losing Battle

As a firm practicing only family law, we try to steer clients in difficult circumstances towards good choices. Focusing on your children’s success is a good choice. Being economically rational about the property division is a good choice. Losing sight … Continue reading

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NEWS: High end divorce firms report increase in divorce business – couples with assets chosing to divorce now

The American Bar Association posted an interesting article about an increase in business for divorce law firms handling higher end divorce. A link to the article is here. While the news is full of stories about couples postponing divorce in … Continue reading

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Useful “divorce financial mistakes” list published by Association of Divorce Financial Planners, Collaborative Law not mentioned as option

We like divorce information lists! The Association of Divorce Financial Planners posted a useful article on their site captioned “Fifteen Critical Financial Mistakes in Divorce.” The list is useful, however, I am always surprised about how much good divorce information … Continue reading

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