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Reasons to Use the Collaborative Process – Privacy

Going through the divorce process through the traditional litigated model opens up a person’s most private financial and social secrets to the public record. Even though legal files are not yet fully available on the internet, anyone can go to … Continue reading

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Useful “divorce financial mistakes” list published by Association of Divorce Financial Planners, Collaborative Law not mentioned as option

We like divorce information lists! The Association of Divorce Financial Planners posted a useful article on their site captioned “Fifteen Critical Financial Mistakes in Divorce.” The list is useful, however, I am always surprised about how much good divorce information … Continue reading

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Collaborative Divorce vs. Mediation

A question that clients frequently ask in an initial consultation is why they should use the collaborative process instead of mediation.  Given the lack of general public knowledge regarding collaborative divorce, this is not a suprising question.  Clients often come … Continue reading

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How to choose a Collaborative Divorce lawyer

Choosing your collaborative divorce lawyer is one of the most important parts of the collaborative divorce process. It is crucial that your lawyer has the proper training to effectively work with your spouse, your spouse’s lawyer, and the other experts … Continue reading

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Collaborative Divorce – Choosing the right lawyer

In initial consultations with clients I make sure to go over the different models of resolving a family law case.  These include:  collaborative divorce; mediation; traditional litigation; and a mix of these models.  It is crucial that clients understand the … Continue reading

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